Marchio Capa fresca def_140503

Extraordinary elegance to the sight and smell; crystal-clear, fresh straw color with greenish reflections. Delicate scents of flowers, more determined than the fruity ones with a slight scent of pastry yeast. A lot of broom accompanied by hints of minerals. Gives a fresh mouth, it’s very balanced and fair flavoured with references to olfactory notes to contend for a final not particularly long. Youngster, but already decided to a solid harmony.

To enjoy it the best, the excellent conservation is in bottles stored horizontally at a controlled temperature of about 14-18 ° C.

It is served with a glass of medium aperture filling for about a third at a temperature of about 10-12 ° C.

To combine with shellfish, seafood, raw fish and with linguine with seafood and  shrimps.


Trivia:  Falanghina is derived from the Greek term “falangos” and the Latin term “phalanga”, meaning “tied to the pole.”

 A  round pole was used by the Romans to carry heavy burdens.

The phalange was used to keep the branches, very vigorous, which did not permit the sapling growth     ( From Trajan column in Rome). 

Production area: Benevento with espaliered
vines  with a yield of 100 quintals (22000 lb)  per hectare.
Exposure and altitude:  south at 350 meters above sea level.
Grape variety: 100% Falanghina
Data: Alcohol: 12,5 % vol – total acidity: 7,2 gr/l – PH: 3,4

Tecnical Data