One day taking a look in our father’s heirlooms we found an old object, an 8 mm film, with a priceless sentimental value.

We brothers with curiosity and sure that it had a great value, decided to convert it to a digital format, so we can view it.


After waiting with trepidation, the vision of its contents had left us all stunned: it was “the harvest that our grandparents¬† use to do.”

From the video we immediately felt the pleasure of working … A day of celebration, of joy and passion … Seeing all this, we brothers Attilio, Alberto and Enrico with Fabio felt a strong sense of belonging to our roots and to our past.

Our ancestor Caesare in 1585 bought a vineyard, which over time has also been used for the cultivation of olives and other products, as long as the grandfather Attilio, “the real Capa Fresca”, decided to create his own label that we found… right where the 8 mm was. A sign of destiny … that brought us back in time, to start with a new experience …