Marchio Capa fresca def_140503

The packaging is for us the business card of the product. The dress of the wine.


The picture on the box shows in the foreground the logo made  of the name of the wine and of three characteristic objects, used in the past but as timely as ever:


The common corkscrew : with the features “wings” of extraction and the ring at the top with the function of opener;

The cockerel: a symbol of rebirth, awakening and activity. Closely linked to the sun, which announces the rise. When he sings at dawn ward off evil spirits, becoming an ally of the beneficial and protective  forces.


The tirabusciòn: classic corkscrew whose name derives from the French word “tire bouchon”;


The box is decorated with symbols and letters, which  run after each other  in the space in a casual manner in an intersection of waves and movements to find themselves at the center in the name of the wine.

The appearance of the dress anticipates feelings at at the sight that the smell and the taste will detect.

The first visual impression is then completed by the smell and the taste uncorking a bottle.