This experience began as a project to restart a family tradition in harmony with nature.

For the strong sense of belonging to their culture and to their roots, the brothers Alberto, Enrico, Attilio and their good friend Fabio, decided to give a new lustre to one of the traditions passed down from his grandfather: “to make wine.”

It ‘s from here that the choice of a new innovative wine project, in which the Sannio Falanghina DOP (PDO) and Aglianico, were designed and revisited  in the sign of old memories and put in a new way by  us.

The project that was born in the hills of Benevento, has given birth to “Capa Fresca” wines, a name from a saying often used by the father towards his children.

It is an ambitious challenge that we accepted with joy and lightness that has often guided us in our choices. It will also be for the playful spirit that accompanies us always, and that  forced  often our father to exclaim: “You have a Capa Fresca ” that means you are too much thoughtless…

Fratelli Menduni De Rossi