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It has an intense ruby ​​color with red garnet. The floral scent of character, with intense and dominant notes of ripe fruit and spices. It’s a wine with personality, with a dry, balanced body and a fruity  lingering finish.

To enjoy it  the best, the excellent conservation is in bottles stored horizontally at a controlled temperature of about 14-18 ° C. 

It is served with a glass of medium aperture filling for about a third at a temperature of about 18 ° C. 

To combine with pasta dishes, aged cheeses, game and red meats. 


TriviaAglianico is an ancient vine,  native of Greece and introduced in Italy in the VII-VI century BC. An evidence of its long history is the discovery of the remains of  the “torcular” (a Roman wine press) in the area between Campania and Lucania, used to extract the remaining sauce in the pomace after being pounded with the feet. It was an heavy boulder lifted with a lever under which the bunches of grapes were closed in a punnet (From a greek bas-museum of Naples). 

Production area: Benevento
with espaliered  vines with a yield of 100 quintals (22000 lb) per hectare.
Exposure and altitude:  350 meteres above sea level
Grape Variety: 100% Aglianico
Data: 13% – tot acidity: 5.3 g / l – PH: 3.6 – sugar: 1 g / l