Le viti

The territory is located in the heart of Sannio (Benevento), crossed by the river Calore and from the torrent Seneta, where agricultural production is based on the cultivation of the grape from which we get the fine wine. For this reason  the Benevento area encompasses approximately 40 municipalities in the Campania region, which are part of the National Association “Wine City”.

It’s a hilly area about 350 meters above sea level, facing south, on a calcareous clay. The vineyard  has got a type of cultivation with espaliered vines with a yield of 100 quintals (22000 lb.) per hectare.

The production is in accordance with the label wearing “PDO Protected Designation of Origin.”

Falanghina del Sannio D.O.P.

It’s a very vigorous vine characterized by good production and by medium fertility of the buds. To breed with long pruning. The grapes are harvested in the first ten days of October in box with manual mode.

The grapes are 100% Falanghina.


The grapes are vinified with a temperature-controlled fermentation in white of about 14-16 ° C.

After fermentation takes place in steel refining, after which we proceed to ‘bottling and packaging of wines.

Sannio D.O.P. Aglianico

It has a very late ripening, the grape harvest is in the middle of October with manual grape grathering in  boxes and its productivity is rather abundant and constant.

The grapes are picked compact, and they are cylindrical or conical 100% Aglianico type. Its berries are spherical, with a deep blue color and a strong and durable  skin. The leaf is not too big, five-lobed, dark green in color with a glabrous and opaque surface .

The grapes are vinified with a temperature-controlled fermentation in autoclave of about 22-24 ° C with maceration of the marc.

After fermentation the wine is aged in barrels, after which we proceed to bottling and packaging the wines.